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COMEPESCA is a national leading seafood industry-based registered nonprofit organization founded in 2003 with the general objective to promote seafood consumption in Mexico. COMEPESCA stands for Consejo Mexicano de Promoción de los Productos Pesqueros y Acuícolas (Mexican Council for the Promotion of Wild and Aquaculture Seafood). We have more than 40 members from the production, harvesting, marketing, and consulting sectors. The main tool used by COMEPESCA for promotion is through communication campaigns for the business and general public B2B and B2C. During the first decade the promotion was basically centered on the importance of seafood for human health, and to defend National seafood production versus imported products, but 4 years ago the organization started to work using sustainability as an important criteria for selecting seafood by consumers and creating a campaign called #PescaConFuturo which was very fast evolved into a sustainable seafood movement for Mexico and a reference for the markets and buyers interested in sustainable seafood. It has also worked to incentivize fisheries and farms to engage into improving their performance.

The movement proposes sustainable fishing and aquaculture, through which the closures that keep species populations healthy and avoid overexploitation due to demand are respected, while guaranteeing a fair and responsible operation of the sector, for the socioeconomic benefit of everyone involved.

They have been working hand in hand with more than 100 Chefs, Producers and Academics, who, as #PescaConFuturo Ambassadors, help them to transmit the message of fisheries and aquaculture sustainability throughout the country.

The latest tool created by COMEPESCA is iPescado, an electronic platform to link Mexican seafood production with new markets in Mexico.

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