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Partner Directory

Use the FishChoice Partner Directory to connect with our network of hundreds of businesses to find transparent sustainability information and product details to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Find out more about the Partner Program here


Seafood Recommendation Engine

Search through thousands of seafood products for sustainable and improving seafood sources using our Recommendation Engine.


Source FIP Products

If a sustainable source is not available, businesses are encouraged to support and source from fisheries that are actively working to improve their environmental performance through fishery improvement projects (FIPs).

To see current FIP sources and the FishChoice Partners who are FIP Participants and can supply FIP products, click here and select Fishery Improvement Project Sources.

You can learn more about FIPs on our platform FisheryProgress. The Seafood Buyers Guide hosted on FisheryProgress is a resource developed specifically to help seafood buyers understand how to interpret information on FisheryProgress and to make sourcing decisions based on their procurement policies.

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