Whether you’re creating a sustainable seafood program and commitment for the first time or looking to update your existing policies, FishChoice’s resources are designed to help guide companies through a series of brainstorming sessions and associated activities to help determine what commitments might best fit their goals and business.

Before You Start

When a company begins to work on sustainable seafood, they typically pull together a team and create a plan, creating what is often called a sustainable seafood program. 

As the program is developed and its goal becomes more specific and time-bound it is often called a policy or commitment. There is technically no difference in calling something a commitment, policy, or goal as long as it includes the most important components, including terms of scope, timeline, communication, and so on. Best practices for those components are listed in the Commitment Template (日本語版)(Español).

Similarly, the word sustainable is often used to describe environmental goals, while the word responsible is often used to address social and environmental goals. Again, these words are not as important as the components of the commitment and program themselves. 

Some companies choose to hire dedicated staff to run their sustainable seafood program while others seek the expertise and trusted authority of a third-party. Regardless of how you structure your program, the resources above will be helpful to jump-start the process. The Commitment Template and Sustainable Seafood Program Brainstorm documents were created to accommodate as many sizes and types of businesses as possible. If a question doesn’t apply to your business just move to the next one. 

Another important resource to help companies create a sustainable seafood program and commitment is the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions’ Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood. While FishChoice’s Commitment Template covers the same topics as the Common Vision, we recommend businesses also review this document as information is presented in a different manner that may be useful.

Steps to Creating a Sustainable Seafood Program and Commitment

  • Use FishChoice’s “My Assessment” feature and compare the results to the Sustainable Seafood Baseline image to understand how the sustainability of your seafood products stacks up with today’s best practices.
  • Complete the Commitment Template (English) or Commitment Template (Japanese) to create a commitment in alignment with best practices that you can share publicly and upload to your FishChoice Partner Profile.
  • Complete the Sustainable Seafood Program Brainstorm by bringing together a team within your company to discuss seafood sustainability in greater detail. 

Refer to the Learn section of our website for more information and background on unfamiliar terms, sustainability information for specific species, and the criteria our Ratings Partners Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise, and the Marine Conservation Society use to determine their sustainability ratings.

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Sustainable Seafood Brainstorm
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