Interested in gaining a better understanding of the sustainable seafood landscape and the organizations and programs that work to support this movement? You’ve come to the right place. Dive into our resources below to explore the ratings that power FishChoice.com, sustainability notes on your favorite species, the basics of the seafood sustainability movement, and more!

Sustainable Seafood 101

New to the sustainable seafood movement? Familiarize yourself with key themes and concepts in our Sustainable Seafood 101 section as you start your journey to becoming a sustainable seafood expert.

Sustainable Seafood Ratings Partners

By partnering with the leading Sustainable Seafood Ratings programs, FishChoice is working to help businesses stay up-to-date and manage their seafood sustainability information while recognizing and promoting sustainable products.

Sustainable Seafood Certification Partners

FishChoice partners with the leading Sustainable Seafood Certification programs to recognize and promote businesses and products that have achieved environmental or social certifications. 

FishChoice Partner Program

The FishChoice Partner Program provides the opportunity for seafood businesses to showcase both their company and the products they buy and sell to sustainability-minded customers.

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Run by the team at FishChoice, FisheryProgress is the one-stop shop for information on the progress of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) from around the world.

Sustainable Seafood Collaborators

Collaboration is central to our mission at FishChoice. Learn more about the groups and initiatives we work with to advance seafood sustainability by visiting our Sustainable Seafood Collaborators page.

Seafood Buying Guides

Everything you need to know about key seafood species - from sourcing summaries to health and nutrition information to fisheries management and conservation criteria - can be found in our Seafood Buying Guides.

Sustainable Seafood 101
Seafood Buying Guides
FishChoice Partner Program
Seafood Ratings Partners