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A family owned and operated shellfish farm, Baja Shellfish Farms was born from oceanologist Sergio Guevera’s dream of producing high-quality, sustainable shellfish. Guevera established the first offshore Mediterranean mussel farms in North America in the cold California current waters off of Baja Mexico. Shortly after, he partnered with fellow oceanologist Juan Carlos Lapuente to create Acuacultura Integral de Baja California in 1991. It quickly gained a reputation for consistently high-quality sustainable shellfish production. Twenty-seven years later, the company has launched its U.S. brand, known as Baja Shellfish Farms, and still upholds that same reputation for its shellfish products which now include not only their Whale’s Cove Mediterranean Mussels, but Kumiai Oysters and Baja Venus Clams as well.

Baja Shellfish Farms is committed to ensuring that their farming, harvest, and processing methods have minimal impact on the environment. Their shellfish are grown off bottom and their clams are harvested by hand. The longlines they use to raise mussels also create protection and habitat for many fish species, acting as a kind of buffer against predation and as a nursery for juvenile fish and invertebrates. The company works to ensure that the water quality of their growing areas remains up to standard as this is essential to a healthy marine ecosystem. They consistently monitor water quality which acts as a strong deterrent to potential polluters in the area. If Baja Shellfish Farms notices any water quality change, they work with state and federal authorities to ensure that water quality laws and rules are followed and to hold polluters accountable for their actions.

The company’s mission has remained the same through the years: to grow premium, healthy, and sustainable shellfish and to provide great customer service and an exciting and elegant consumer experience. Baja Shellfish Farms is committed to doing the right thing for its customers, for the company and its employees, and for the marine environment it works in.

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Frilled Venus Clams
Seafood Watch: Unrated
Mediterranean Mussels
Suspended Culture
Seafood Watch: Best Choice
Pacific Oysters
Off-Bottom Culture
Seafood Watch: Best Choice