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Mt. Lassen Trout Farm has been producing rainbow and steelhead trout for the retail and recreational fishing market in California for over five decades. Founded in 1949, the team at Mt. Lassen Trout Farm has over 200 years combined experience in aquaculture. As one of the largest producers of trout in California, Mt. Lassen Trout Farm is committed to sustainable rearing methods and in providing the freshest, highest-quality trout to their customers. 

All of Mt. Lassen Trout Farm’s facilities are located on fresh water springs near the foothills of Mt. Lassen in Northern California. These waters supply their trout with constant clean and cool waters all year long. Each trout is grown at a higher water velocity than other farms resulting in a stronger, more muscular trout. All of Mt. Lassen Trout Farm’s facilities are routinely monitored and tested for water quality and all of their production facilities meet or exceed California state water quality standards. All water that flows through their facilities is considered non-consumptive which means that it does not diminish the source or impair future water use. 

Water is only part of the story at Mt. Lassen Trout Farm. The trout at Mt. Lassen Trout Farm are the result of 50 years of selective breeding from their own broodstock. This has ensured that only the highest quality fish with the most desirable traits have been carried forward into subsequent generations. The team at Mt. Lassen Trout Farm has designed each facility for optimal growing conditions for trout. They also conduct research to improve the health and efficiency of their fish and rearing practices including looking into feed efficiency and nutrition. Staff are trained in handling and care of the fish and only the healthiest, best looking fish are selected for market. 

Every trout produced at Mt. Lassen Trout Farm is shipped live to a processor three hours from the farm. Fish are then shipped to market only a few hours away ensuring a fresh, healthy fish at the grocery store or on the menu. Because Mt. Lassen Trout Farm’s fish are only a few short hours from the market, they are cutting down on their carbon footprint issues associated with fish imported into the United States from other countries. Mt. Lassen Trout Farm also stocks live fish to lakes and ponds and delivers thier prized fish anywhere in the state of California.

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