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With the perfect conditions for producing Arctic char, Cascade Aqua Farms has developed the ideal system for raising strong, healthy fish in Washington State.

Cascade Aqua Farms has been maintaining sustainable aquaculture practices since 1980. All their Arctic char are raised and spend their entire lives in the icy cold snowmelt waters of the Cascade Mountains. These cold water conditions are perfect for raising fish native to the sub-polar lakes surrounding the Arctic Circle. Cascade Aqua Farms only feeds their char natural products and all char are raised without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. 

Though often compared to salmon or trout, Arctic char is a distinctly unique fish known for its mild, buttery, sweet flavor and for its light pink color. Cascade Aqua Farm’s char is excellent in sashimi and equally as impressive grilled, baked, seared, poached, or smoked. 

Cascade Aqua Farm's system of processing and delivery is quick and efficient allowing them to deliver fresh char to wholesale suppliers across the country. All char can be purchased whole, dressed at four to six pounds each, or filleted with pin bone in or out. When your order is made, the char are ethically stunned, dressed, and ready to transport within hours. Cascade Aqua Farms guarantees a fresh and high-quality fish that is second to none. 


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