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Australis Aquaculture is an award-winning producer of premium ocean-raised barramundi in Central Vietnam, bringing innovative Climate-Smart Ocean Farming practices to the marine tropics. With a mission to produce the best fish imaginable in the most responsible way possible, Australis spearheads the popularization of Barramundi in North America and offers a full line of frozen products under The Better Fish® for leading retail and foodservice companies.

Australis is the world's first ASC Marine Tropic Finfish certified farm, world's first Fair Trade Certified Barramundi producer, and 4-Star BAP Certified. As a trailblazer of sustainable seafood production, the company also achieved the world's first Best Choice rating for ocean-farmed finfish by the Monterey Bay Aquarium SeafoodWatch® Program in 2011. Australis was awarded the US Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence in Climate Innovation in December 2021.

The Better Fish® Barramundi is prized for its mild, buttery flavor, and succulent, firm texture. It has one of the highest levels of omega-3s of any common white fish, with half the calories of salmon. The edible skin crisps up beautifully and enhances any dish's craveability. Its moderate oil content prevents the fish from drying out, making it a versatile and easy-to-use ingredient that works exceptionally well in high volume commercial kitchens and also at home.

Starting with a revolutionary indoor aquaculture system in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, Australis Aquaculture designed their facility from the ground up to address all of the major environmental challenges facing fish farming. Later they leveraged best practices in the design of the new hybrid land-based recirculating nursery and offshore marine farm in Vân Phong Bay, Vietnam, a truly ideal place to raise barramundi. Our Barramundi are fed a well-balanced, sustainably-sourced diet containing natural probiotics that optimize fish health and minimize the need for antibiotics. Every fish is carefully nurtured, humanely harvested, hand filleted, and flash-frozen to preserve peak freshness and flavor. In 2009, Josh Goldman was a recipient of the Seafood Champion award for his pioneering work in aquaculture and seafood.

The company actively pursues four Better Fish, Better World initiatives: advancing sustainable seafood education, combatting climate change through aquaculture, promoting human health through seafood nutrition, and addressing ocean plastic.

In 2018, Australis initiated an ambitious project to address climate change called Greener Grazing, which aims to initiate commercial cultivation of the red seaweed which has the unique ability to virtually eliminate methane emissions from ruminant animals when fed at a ~1% of diet.

Seafood Certifications

Best Aquaculture Practices 3-Star (Feed Mill)

  • F10492

Best Aquaculture Practices 3-Star (Hatchery)

  • H10104

Best Aquaculture Practices 4-Star

  • P10749

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification

  • CUP-C869481-ASC-01-2021-TMF
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