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Vericatch is a technology solutions provider whose mission is to empower fisheries with data-driven decision making. We develop solutions for fisheries catch reporting, management, and seafood traceability. By adopting end-to-end seafood traceability, suppliers can work to increase trust, accuracy and value along the supply chain.

Vericatch was founded on the idea that catch data could help fishermen and fishery managers build economic, social, and environmental value – the three pillars of sustainability. This belief continues to underpin everything we do today and shapes how we engage both locally and internationally. We are working to continually innovate our sustainable business practices. As agents of change we are striving to make better choices for people, planet, and profit.

FisheriesApp is our highly flexible and affordable data collection platform that can help even the most complex fishery begin collecting data. Successful environmental stewardship starts with high quality verifiable data. Our software helps facilitate data-driven decisions about resources that feed our communities and support environmental resilience. Our traceability platform, KnowYour.Fish is a dynamic tool that helps businesses verify their sustainability claims, while also reducing unintentional purchases of IUU (Illegal, Unreported Unregulated) catch and seafood linked with human rights and labour abuses. Find out more at

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