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Program Overview

ThisFish Inc. is a provider of traceability software and artificial intelligence that enables seafood processors to digitize their data in real-time on the factory floor using tablet computers and IoT devices. ThisFish’s mission is to improve profitability and sustainability in the seafood industry through better data: Digital. Real-time. Accurate.

The company’s Tally software helps seafood processors to reduce costs of data collection and management, strengthens process control through live dashboards and alerts, and improve compliance through strong traceability enabling the mixing and splitting of production lots. Tally can be integrated with hardware such as weigh scales, printers, scanners and RFID readers and software such as accounting and ERP software, ecommerce platforms, blockchain and government reporting systems.

ThisFish has also developed artificial intelligence called Tallybot, which is an AI-enabled app that can be embedded in the Tally software for automating processes, predictive analytics and computer vision. Tallybot can be programmed with standard algorithms for cost accounting, data validation and other calculations. The company has recently developed a machine-learning algorithm for yield prediction in seafood processing.

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