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Program Overview

SeaChoice is a collaboration of three internationally recognized organizations that bring their broad, national expertise together to find solutions for healthy oceans. Launched in 2006, SeaChoice was created to increase consumer awareness around seafood sustainability in Canada. For 10 years, its primary goal was shifting seafood procurement to more sustainable options, with a focus on seafood suppliers and Canadian retailers.

After many of its retail partners reached their sustainable seafood commitments, SeaChoice pivoted to become a science-based, solutions-focused influencer, advocate and watchdog leading the next evolution of seafood sustainability in Canada.

To this end, SeaChoice works on:

  • Providing Canadian retailers and other seafood businesses with tools and incentives to improve their sustainable seafood commitments and their progress against those commitments.

  • Improving transparency and traceability in the seafood supply chain through reform of seafood labeling legislation, verifying seafood labeling quality and accuracy through DNA testing and working on technical solutions for traceability.

  • Using market leverage to improve some of the least sustainable fisheries and aquaculture production.

  • Ensuring that seafood certifications and ranking systems are as robust as possible.

SeaChoice's partner organizations have a demonstrated history of engagement in markets-based campaigning and policy reform for fisheries. The partner organizations are:

Business Partners