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Program Overview

SeaChoice is a collaboration of three internationally recognized organizations that brought their broad, national expertise together to find solutions for healthy oceans. Launched in 2006, SeaChoice was created to provide informative resources on seafood sustainability at various levels of the seafood supply chain – from harvesters to consumers.

After achieving significant progress in the retail landscape between 2006 and 2016, with many of their retail partners reaching their sustainable seafood commitments, SeaChoice is working toward a new and ambitious goal of increasing sustainability throughout the entire seafood supply chain – from water to table.

To this end, SeaChoice is directing more effort and resources into:

  • Transparency and traceability, seeking improvements in seafood labelling regulations.

  • Verifying seafood labeling through DNA testing in Canadian markets.

  • Using market leverage to improve some of the least sustainable fisheries and aquaculture production.

  • Providing retailers the tools and incentives necessary to improve their sustainable seafood commitments and create their own policies in-house. 

Member organizations have a demonstrated history of engagement in markets-based campaigning and policy reform for fisheries. The member organizations are:

Supplier Partners
Business Partners