Press Release - April 18, 2018

FishChoice Reaches 500 Species and 5,000 Products Milestones

Over 600 Seafood Companies Promoting Transparency of Seafood Sources Fort Collins, CO

The FishChoice platform has reached two major milestones this month with 5,000 seafood product listings covering 500 species. Retailers and restaurants are using FishChoice to find seafood sourcing details from current and prospective suppliers that include scientific name, harvest origin, harvest method, and up-to-date sustainability information from the leading global sustainable seafood ratings and certifications organizations. "

FishChoice has been a great way for me to match sustainability with our products for our staff and customers" says Red’s Best CEO Jared Auerbach. The FishChoice platform has been matching sustainability information to supplier’s seafood products in a transparent approach for over eight years. FishChoice Supplier Members range from fishing companies and aquaculture operations to distributors and manufacturers. Each company is provided a company profile page and a product page for every species they sell. Within each product page, suppliers can add one more sources of that species to enable sustainability comparisons.

FishChoice’s seafood data now includes an estimated 3,500 sources of wild and farmed seafood with products on FishChoice identified as coming from approximately half of these sources. According to Justin Boevers, Program Director at FishChoice, “many suppliers are choosing to list their entire seafood sourcing details on the platform, knowing that they are supporting transparency.” As an added value, suppliers receive updates when there are changes to the sustainability of their products, so they are not caught off-guard. The FishChoice platform is one of the largest seafood industry resources available today with more than 600 Supplier Members and nearly 4,000 Business Members.

The FishChoice platform has also recently added enhancements to the seafood product search and supplier directory to make it easier for buyers looking to find products and suppliers. Buyers are now able to search by distribution area and order size to identify options that best fit their business model. FishChoice’s future plans include adding additional sustainability information and creating more tools to help businesses advance sustainable seafood on their own.