Our Traceability Policy

FishChoice.com - Phase One Traceability Policy


FishChoice will include information about traceability in several phases. The first phase will include providing the functionality for seafood companies to disclose which third party traceability providers or technology solutions they currently work with or use on their FishChoice Partner Profiles. This will make it easier for supply chain companies to connect with companies that use complementary providers or technologies.

FishChoice will add traceability providers that have pledged support for the Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability (GDST) 1.0 to the FishChoice.com system and enable any seafood company to add them to their profiles for public display (including any user ID’s or codes). These providers are listed here. The traceability provider’s logo and any associated business ID’s or codes will be displayed alongside that company's profile information.

FishChoice will create partnerships with each traceability provider to ensure consistency of data and accurate representation of each provider’s solutions and services.

FishChoice acknowledges that listing traceability provider information does not ensure product level traceability or that that business’ products are 100 percent traceable; the intention is to provide transparency of provider and technology usage in order to ease the connection of complementary and interoperable technologies. By working with companies that have pledged support for GDST 1.0 we hope to list only companies that have pledged to develop interoperable solutions; thus creating a network of solutions that can ultimately work together.

In future phases, FishChoice will work to develop more in depth information transparency to help differentiate fully traceable from non-traceable products.