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Hochiminh, Vietnam
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Founded in 1997, Vinh Hoan is an international aquaculture company. Aquaculture is the fastest-growing segment of the global food industry. Today, over half the seafood consumed globally is the product of aquaculture. This, in turn, contributes to global food security as well as to the world’s environment and economy. Vinh Hoan is a pioneer in this industry. We are on a mission to advance the application of sustainable aquaculture around the world. Meeting this challenge is the goal of every employee at Vinh Hoan and is the focus of our work and innovation across each of our three divisions.

- Vinh Foods - Providing premium seafood from sustainable aquaculture

Vinh Foods, a division of Vinh Hoan, provides convenient and premium seafood sourced from our sustainable aquaculture. The attention to detail goes into responsibly raising the production of our seafood – strict pond management, strict farming standards, animal welfare, and traceability under the international standards covering fingerlings, feed, raw material fish to processing.

After years of sustained growth, Vinh Foods is well-known for its two primary product lines: Premium Fillets and Value-Added Products. Our goal is to meet and exceed customers’ daily needs in today’s fast-paced way of life which has limited cooking time and prioritize the idea of convenience.

Not only satisfied with dominating the market through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and superior product quality, but also Vinh Foods also strives to earn prestigious certifications such as the following: BAP 4-Star and ASC certified, traceable to source and batch; This is how Vinh Foods establishes its position practically and specifically.

With more than two decades of worldwide export experience, globally and proudly, Vinh Food is present in 50 markets.

- Vinh Aquaculture - Helping advance sustainable tropical aquaculture with a combination of research, development, education, and on-site training

- Vinh Wellness - Providing premium wellness products derived from sustainable aquaculture


Seafood Certifications

Best Aquaculture Practices 4-Star

  • P10368

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification

  • ASC-C-00032

GGN Certified

  • 4050373466480
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Sustainable Seafood Coalition
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569-571-573 Tran Hung Dao Street,
Hochiminh Hochiminh 70000
569-571-573 Tran Hung Dao Street,
Hochiminh Hochiminh 70000
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