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Triple B Tilapia of DeMotte, Indiana puts its heart and soul into raising healthy, high-quality tilapia, firmly believing that the healthiest way of living is to locally and all-naturally grow everything themselves. Founded in 2016, Triple B Tilapia is a family owned and operated farm that uses a closed, recirculating system located within an indoor facility. Prior to opening, founder Jeff Martin dedicated his time learning from industry leaders, relying on their 100 years of collective aquaculture and fish management experience to best learn how to successfully operate his farm. With the help of his team, Jeff Martin was able to put his education into practice and create a farm that matched the needs of both him and his fish. 

Beginning by focusing on the hatchery and building up stock, Triple B Tilapia has since expanded its operations to hold an estimated capacity of 10,000 fish, with 600 being regularly harvested every two weeks. The company has finished its second phase with the completion of an additional 10,000 gallon grow out facility, which is now in operation. While Triple B Tilapia focuses on providing live or on-ice whole fish, the company will also be opening a new processing facility in the summer of 2019 in order to produce its own fillets. In addition, Triple B Tilapia will also provide processing services to other fish farmers at this facility.

As a certified High Springs hybrid dealer, Triple B Tilapia raises the fastest growing and highest yielding tilapia gene line globally. The farm prides themselves in growing their tilapia to market size quickly without any additives. A healthy and fulfilling diet keeps the breeding colony happy and growing, along with a controlled high-protein power feeding schedule and optimum water conditions. The fish waste is used to create an all-natural, organic fish fertilizer which they also offer for sale. Using gravity to maintain water flow, their farm uses only one pump to run the entire system. Triple B Tilapia has set up their business to be able to function sustainably, while also maintaining the ability to accept wholesale requests. Guaranteeing the best quality tilapia, Triple B Tilapia welcomes consumers to visit their farm upon appointment to see for themselves the dedication and efficiency their operation maintains.

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10700 West 1300 North
DeMotte, IN 46310
United States
  • USA - Midwest
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