The Fishery, Inc.

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The Fishery, Inc.

CA, United States

The Fishery, Inc. was started in 1983 by Kenneth Beer. The company has four farm sites in Sacramento County and one site in Modoc County, California. They have 900 acres of ponds, all of which are currently in production. The Fishery, Inc. supplies live fish to retail fish markets and Asian markets in Northern California throughout the week. The Fishery, Inc. strives for complete sustainability through a consistent water supply, controlled expenses, positive environmental impacts, and reliable profit margins.

Owner Kenneth Beer has been experimenting with aquaculture techniques and species since 1975, trying to maximize efficiency whilst maintaining quality taste and texture. The recirculating aquaculture system at The Fishery, Inc. pumps clean water throughout the farm, and minimizes water use without affecting the overall water table, which may fluctuate seasonally but has remained stable since establishment of the farm. The gravity flow system has a central pumping station, resulting in minimal water loss from tank to raceway to pond to return canal. The Fishery, Inc. supplies the nutrient-rich wastewater to neighboring fields that are otherwise nutrient-deficient, and the high oxygen levels support fish productivity. The combination of a benign, Mediterranean climate, unique marketing opportunities, and an ecological business approach allows for maximum efficiency at The Fishery, Inc., catering to the needs of their fish and their customers.

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11583 Valensin Road
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