The Auction Block Co.

The Auction Block Co.

AK, United States
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The Auction Block Co. is a locally-owned, fisherman-owned seafood processor in Homer, Alaska. Since the company's beginning in 1997, The Auction Block Co. has grown to be the largest halibut buyers on the Homer Spit.

The Auction Block Co. is dedicated to buying only sustainably managed, harvested, and processed wild Alaskan seafood. To ensure the highest quality halibut and salmon products, The Auction Block prefers to work with smaller quantities. All the fish they buy comes from Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Bering Sea.

They are also the first commercial seafood processor in Alaska to achieve “off the grid” fish processing – meaning they have no need for municipal energy sources. All fish are blast frozen with a biomass-fueled absorption refrigeration system that uses ammonia and CO2 instead of harmful refrigerants. Not only does the Auction Block Co. harvest sustainable fish, but they sustainably process them as well.

You might recognize The Auction Block Co. as their plant has been featured in several television shows including Discovery Channel's Life on the Line, TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska, and National Geographic's series Alaska Fish Wars.

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4501 Ice Dock Rd.
Homer, AK 99603
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