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Pure Salmon is a land-based Atlantic salmon farming company which delivers high-quality, clean, healthy, fresh, fully traceable and sustainable salmon to customers globally while having the lowest negative impact on the environment.  

Pure Salmon operates its land-based farms using Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology, a proven and scalable method of aquaculture. With RAS, the salmon is grown in tanks that provide healthy living conditions and closely replicate the positive qualities of their natural environment.

The business is committed to the sustainable and traceable approach of land-based fish farming. By maintaining production in closed containment systems, Pure Salmon does not affect ocean ecosystems or marine life and creates a pure and bio-safe environment that is free of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, mercury, microplastics and pollutants. Moreover, facilities located near metropolitan areas reduce transportation distances and carbon emissions while creating economic opportunities for the local community. Lastly, all Pure Salmon land-based sites will be fully integrated with on-site hatcheries, grow-out systems and processing facilities, ensuring a fully traceable salmon, from egg to plate.

The company intends to reach a production of 260,000 tons per year across a global network of Atlantic salmon farms in major consumption centres around the world: Europe, North America, Japan, China and beyond. Pure Salmon’s first Atlantic salmon RAS facility is already fully operational in Poland and producing adult-size fish of 5-6kg. 

Pure Salmon can be available in a range of convenient products, such as fresh fillets, ready-to-go cooked portions with a selection of flavours, and ready-to-eat smoked salmon delicacies.

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