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Pemaquid Mussel Farm is an owner-operated, sustainable mussel farm founded in 2007 in Damariscotta, Maine. Using the same process of raft cultivation that they pioneered in 1998, Pemaquid Mussel Farm is able to produce high-quality, nutritious, sustainably grown mussels which are then distributed to the northeast and midwest regions of the United States.

Working with four established farms off the coast of Maine, Pemaquid Mussel Farm's mussels are processed at sea, purged in pristine water, and then packed in ten pound bags to be distributed to restaurants and wholesalers. The sites are well-flushed with strong ocean currents, and the rafts act as artificial reefs, attracting over 30 species of invertebrates, fish, birds and mammals.

Sustainability is key to creating a superior product, and with that in mind, small seed mussels are attached to reusable grow-out ropes using biodegradable cotton. Pemaquid Mussel Farm's latest venture is the development of a submersible mussel raft called the Pemaquid™ for open ocean aquaculture. This newly invented raft will reduce the risk of crop losses from storm damage and drift ice. Mussels on the submersible raft will grow faster, have a higher yield per rope, and be more uniform in appearance. After extensive field testing has been completed, Pemaquid Mussel Farm hopes to begin selling the Pemaquid™ to mussel farmers worldwide.

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P.O. Box 1255
Damariscotta, ME 05453
United States
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
  • USA - Midwest
  • USA - New England
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