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Omarsa is a dynamic company that has been adapting in response to the demands of the international markets since establishment in 1977. Omarsa has achieved high standards thorhugh strict quality control policy and environmental preservation, guaranteeing quality shrimp and long-term sustainability. Their vertically integrated operation includes three hatcheries, three shrimp farms, and a processing plant.

Both organically processed and organically farmed products are offered through one of Omarsa’s plants, guaranteeing that the shrimp is free of chemical, synthetics, and antibiotics, while also preserving its properties and benefits. During this process, the waste is recycled back into the system, only organic and all-natural feed is used, and only designated employees handle the shrimp. The organic farm has also maintained much of its natural mangrove forests and fauna, with set plans to increase its size. Omarsa has thus outlined a protected area for the organisms that inhabit this ecosystem.

The National Control Plan established by the National Fisheries Institute, which runs local monitoring programs for the shrimp industry, includes Omarsa’s hatcheries. The shrimp are raised without antibiotics, promoting the use of natural fertilizers and probiotics. The farms are also monitored for status and health of the animals, assuring the production of healthy shrimp with minimal impact on the environment. Managing a closed production system has helped eliminate disease from their farms, as well as allow full traceability for each shrimp, from hatchery to delivery.


To produce organic and conventional shrimp in a sustainable manner by fulfilling the legal requirements, using materials and human resources necessary to achieve total customer satisfaction, through research and updated technologies to improve their production systems, providing premium quality and safe products thus optimizing resources to help preserve the environment and the company’s profitability.


To maintain their position as leaders in the Ecuadorian shrimp industry, offering certified quality products safe for consumption, to satisfy customers by constantly updating the production processes, anticipating customer needs and expectations according to the international market requirements.

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Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification

  • 140181

Best Aquaculture Practices 3-Star (Hatchery)

  • P10057
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Lotización Industrial Al Rio Solar
090702, Durán
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Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating Certification
Whiteleg Shrimp
Ecuador (ASC)
Seafood Watch- Eco-Certification Recognized
Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification
Whiteleg Shrimp
Ecuador (BAP 2/3/4-star)
Seafood Watch- Eco-Certification Recognized
Best Aquaculture Practices 3-Star (Hatchery)
Whiteleg Shrimp
Semi-Intensive Pond
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative