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New Hampshire Community Seafood started when fishing boats from Seabrook, Hampton, Rye Harbor, and Portsmouth Harbor organized a harvest co-op. For the past few years, the co-op has been working together to better protect marine resources and fish more selectively. The co-op also was given an ownership right to collectively manage the federal groundfish fishery. Each year, the group creates a harvesting strategy and uses it to meet the strict catch limit guidelines of New Hampshire Community Seafood's operations plan.

After taking ownership of the marine resources and being able to control over where their fish product goes, the co-op was eager to work with New Hampshire consumers to keep local fish in the state. That's why New Hampshire Community Seafood created a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) - to provide members with the freshest possible fish, support New Hampshire fishermen, and promote this sustainable fishery management approach.  

New Hampshire Community Seafood is striving to increase the recognition and appreciation of the interdependent roles that the fishing industry and the consumer play in the state's local economy. This is a pioneering effort intended to reconnect the local consumer base with New Hampshire commercial fisherman via a new marketplace for locally sourced seafood—a direct market from "Fish to Dish." In doing so, the group hopes to provide local fishermen a fair market for all the species they catch and to provide the consumer with access to a wide variety of fresh locally caught seafood throughout the season, better insight into the supply chain that brings seacoast seafood to their table, and direct input about the choice and diversity of fish they consume. 

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Seafood group Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating

Acadian Redfish

Sebastes fasciatus
USA - Gulf of Maine & Georges Bank (MSC)
Otter Trawl
Seafood Watch- Eco-Certification Recognized

Atlantic Pollock

Pollachius virens
USA - Gulf of Maine
Set Gillnets
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative


Melanogrammus aeglefinus
USA - Gulf of Maine
Bottom Trawls
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative


Lophius americanus
USA - Mid-Atlantic
Bottom Gillnet
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative

White Hake

Urophycis tenuis
USA - Northeast
Set Gillnets
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative

Winter Flounder

Pseudopleuronectes americanus
USA - Georges Bank
Bottom Trawls
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative