Lindy's Seafood Incorporated

Lindy's Seafood Incorporated

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MD, United States
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Lindy's Seafood is a family owned and operated company that has been in operation for over 40 years. What began as a small-scale live crab business has expanded to what Lindy's Seafood is today - a wholesale crab company specializing in live crabs, fresh Maryland crab meat, and oysters. Increase in business has allowed Lindy's Seafood to expand its distribution of products and customer base. The company transports and delivers products to restaurants, seafood markets, and wholesale buyers in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Canada. In addition to their wholesale products, Lindy's Seafood provides branded products as well, including Mary Ellen Crab Meat and Captain Vincent's Chesapeake Bay Oysters.

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1548 Taylors Island Road
Woolford, MD 21677
United States
  • Canada - Atlantic
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
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