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Deepwater Farms

AB, Canada
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Deepwater Farms is Calgary's first commercial aquaponics facility, which produces barramundi and baby greens including kale, mustard, and arugula. The business values environmental sustainability, transparency, and innovation to improve Canadian food security and production. By farming both produce and fish, Deepwater Farms helps to ensure that Calgary has access to fresh food year round.   The company operates two large aquaponic farms and can provide leafy greens to local business twice each week. Through aquaponic technology, Deepwater Farms feeds its fish and the fish then fertilize the plants. This system uses less water and can grow plants faster than traditional agriculture. The barramundi are grown in warm, oxygen-rich water to help them grow fast and firm. The produce and fish are available for wholesale purchase and are also available at retail locations around Calgary. Deepwater Farms' barramundi product is also on the menu at several restaurants in the city.  
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3630 50th Ave. SE
Calgary, AB T2B 3N9
  • Canada - Central & Interior
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