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NH, United States
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Craig’s All Natural of Durham, New Hampshire is a fisher, processor, and wholesaler of sustainably sourced seafood. Committed to the sustainability of the planet’s resources, Craig’s All Natural has partnered with leading environmental organizations including the Marine Stewardship Council to ensure their fishing practices preserve the health of our world’s ocean’s for years to come.

Striving to provide the finest, highest quality products, Craig’s All Natural sources all its fish and ingredients from local farms and fisheries, and only uses all-natural products in their value-added offerings. Along with their fresh whole lobsters and tail meat, they’ve handcrafted a product line that combines old style New England recipes into crowd pleasing products that include crab and lobster cakes, dips, spreads and seasonings, and a full line of soups.

In addition to Craig’s All Natural, founders Craig and Jennifer Rief also operate Trace My Lobster, a traceability tool that allows consumers to trace their lobster from trap to table. Trace My Lobster not only provides the consumer a fun and interactive means to visualizes a lobster’s true supply chain, it also connects businesses and consumers to a deeper understanding of the impact of lobster life-cycle through documentation and visualization of the supply chain, from ocean to retailer, to everyone.

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Durham, NH 03824
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Seafood Group Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating

American Lobster

Homarus americanus
USA - Gulf of Maine
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative

American Lobster

Homarus americanus
Canada - Atlantic (MSC)
Seafood Watch- Eco-Certification Recognized

Atlantic Surf Clams

Spisula solidissima
USA - Atlantic (MSC)
Boat Dredge
Seafood Watch- Eco-Certification Recognized

Deepsea Red Crab

Chaceon quinquedens
USA - Atlantic
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative

Pink Shrimp (Ocean)

Pandalus jordani
USA - Oregon
Bottom Trawls
Seafood Watch- Eco-Certification Recognized

Sea Scallops

Placopecten magellanicus
USA - Atlantic (MSC)
Dredge Harvest
Seafood Watch- Eco-Certification Recognized