Carolina Classics Catfish, Inc.

Carolina Classics Catfish, Inc.

NC, United States
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Founded in 1985, Carolina Classics Catfish is a vertically integrated catfish producer with its own feed mill, ponds and processing plant. The company is a primary supplier to leading natural food retailers in the U.S., supermarket chains and foodservice distributors. Carolina Classics’ catfish is all natural and is produced without the use of any chemicals, food additives or pesticides in the ponds or fish. Their fish are harvested and transported live to the USDC managed, FDA and HACCP-certified processing plant daily, and are delivered within 24 hours of being hand-processed.

Carolina Classics Catfish raises their catfish under environmentally-friendly conditions in clear, freshwater ponds filled with well and rainwater. The farmers are experienced in minimizing any impact on the surrounding land or water by using simple and natural farming methods. The fish are grain-fed a combination of corn, soy, and wheat, which is a sustainable alternative to feed made with animal by-product while still closely mirroring the nutritional composition of foods catfish consume in the wild. Carolina Classics is certified by a third-party inspection process that verifies their commitment to sustainable produce, and package the highest quality natural fish possible.

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7178 Hwy 11 S.
Ayden, NC 28513
United States
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