Boston Sword and Tuna

Boston Sword and Tuna

Distributor, Processor, Wholesaler
MA, United States
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For four generations, Boston Sword and Tuna has caught, off-loaded, and sold the finest swordfish and tuna from New England to the Gulf of Mexico. The company prides itself on its hands-on experience, which enables them to deliver only the highest quality fish. Having established long-lasting relationships with suppliers, they are able to consistently offer the best quality products and cater to their customers. Their commitment is to be ‘America’s one-stop-shop for seafood,’ and will do whatever it takes to meet and exceed customer demands.

Their HACCP-certified facility uses a high-capacity ozonation water and ice system, which extends the shelf life and freshness of seafood. Boston Sword and Tuna has organized their facility with designated areas for handling specific products. Adjacent to the harbor, their live lobster tank filters and pumps fresh ocean water into the tank. Located only five minutes from Boston’s Logan Airport ensures that Boston Sword & Tuna has easy access to both inbound and outbound freight, while also allowing them to more easily source product from around the world. In addition to their quality sourced products, Boston Sword and Tuna also owns two of their own fishing vessels, as well as maintains strong working relationships with local vessels in the area.

Seafood Certifications

Marine Stewardship Council Certified

  • MSC-C-52742
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Distribution Regions and Business Locations

8 Seafood Way
Boston, MA 02210
United States
  • Canada - Atlantic
  • Canada - Central & Interior
  • Canada - Northwest
  • Canada - Pacific
  • USA - California
  • USA - Gulf of Mexico
  • USA - Hawaii
  • USA - Mid Atlantic
  • USA - Midwest
  • USA - New England
  • USA - Pacific Northwest
  • USA - Rockies & Southwest
  • USA - South Atlantic
  • USA - Southeast
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