Blue Island Oyster Company

Blue Island Oyster Company

NY, United States
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Chris Quartuccio, Founder and CEO of Blue Island Oyster Company, grew up in Sayville, New York, and fell in love with the Great South Bay. He caught and sold his first bushel of clams when he was 12 years old, and this profound connection to the sea is the reason he created Blue Island. He wanted to bring the "sea to the kitchen", and that's how Blue Island began - a company whose inspiration lies in the history of the Great South Bay.

Most oyster lovers know Blue Island as a New York company that farms, scuba dives, and sources boutique oysters from all over North America. They posses the energy, enthusiasm, and passion for pushing the oyster industry to new limits. They oyster dive on the coldest and windiest of days and have also pioneered the first successful oyster farm in the Great South Bay since the great hurricane of 1938. 

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PO Box 31
West Sayville, NY 11796
United States
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