Atlantic Red Crab Company

Atlantic Red Crab Company

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MA, United States
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The Atlantic Red Crab Company is a vertically integrated company that owns and manages a fleet of four offshore Atlantic red crab vessels that land between four and five million pounds of red crab annually. They have been harvesting red crab since 1995 and have successfully landed more than 70 million pounds of crab.

The MSC certification process began back in 2003 and today their Atlantic red crab is the first American crab to be certified as sustainable. The MSC label gives a guarantee of a constant, renewable supply of fresh, all natural crab meat products. Each step -from harvesting to processing to distribution- is carefully planned to ensure maximum freshness and a superior product that you can depend on to meet your customers needs for fresh seafood.

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132 Herman Melville Blvd
New Bedford, MA 2740
United States
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  • Canada - Atlantic
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  • USA - Alaska
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