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Located amongst the pristine glacial waters of Mount Cook’s Aoraki peak, Aoraki Salmon has been providing discerning customers with fresh Chinook salmon since 1999. Striving to set the standard within the New Zealand salmon industry, Aoraki Salmon measures their success through customer satisfaction as well as their ability to produce consistently superior products.

Through a highly selective and monitored breeding program, Aoraki Salmon is able to control every stage of the farming process to ensure the highest quality fish, as well as to ensure their products traceability from egg to maturity. Aoraki Salmon’s journey begins at their Christchurch based hatchery where they raise and choose the best salmon smolt. In spring the smolt is then transferred to the glacier-fed waters of the hydro-canals of New Zealand’s McKenzie Basin. Salmon are then raised to maturity in an environment free of antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, and all raw materials used in their farming process are tested safe, sustainable, and certified ensuring optimal natural sustainability.

To ensure the freshest product available for their customers, salmon are transported from the the water to export within 24 hours without exception. The resulting products of Aoraki Salmon’s long and thoughtful farming process includes a variety of fresh, value-added, and specialty products that are naturally low in fat and a healthy source of omega-3 vitamins.

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New Zealand
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