American Shellfish Company

American Shellfish Company

VA, United States
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The American Shellfish Company consists of several local growers with years of combined experience. Owner Joe Peirson started in 1984 during the earliest stages of clam-culture. Since then, he has been involved in every aspect of the business, including the hatchery, growing, harvesting, packaging and sales. The company takes pride in the quality of their products, customer service and long-lasting customer relations.

Products are shipped the same day they are harvested, with constant refrigeration along the way. American Shellfish Company’s facilities are FDA registered and regularly inspected by federal and state officials. Their shellfish are grown in the pristine waters of Virginia’s lower Eastern Shore, where there is minimal urban development and suitable climate. The growing techniques at American Shellfish Company offer thick-shelled products and consistency in size and grade as they hand-harvested daily.

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PO Box 138
Cheriton, VA 23316
United States
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