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Alaska Wild Caught Seafood LLC

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Alaska Wild Caught Seafood LLC is a wholesale seafood business, founded with the goal to help companies provide the highest quality products to the next generation of wild salmon and seafood lovers. The company provides frozen wild-caught Bristol Bay sockeye salmon and other wild-caught seafood products to subscription services, meal kit providers, and bulk online purchasers. Using the latest freezing, portioning and packaging technology, the company gives its customers the options they need to fit their fulfillment model. Alaska Wild Caught Seafood also offers private label options.   Alaska Wild Caught Seafood recognizes the demand for seafood that is harvested from a well managed, traceable and sustainable source. All of the company's Alaska-caught products are third party certified through the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute's RFM Certification Program. The company also provides traceability information through Legit Fish, to help customers feel confident that the seafood they receive is the species they ordered and that it is from a sustainable source.    In addition, the company supports its customers with the assets they need to share the compelling story of Bristol Bay sockeye and other wild-caught seafood products. Through transcript, digital photo and video assets, Alaska Wild Caught Seafood can help create the connection between the place, the harvester, the resource and the wild salmon and seafood that will find its way onto the dinner tables of its clients' customers.  

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Ketchum, ID 83340
United States
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Seafood Product Origin Harvest Method Sustainability Rating Certification
Pacific Cod
USA - Alaska - Gulf of Alaska
Seafood Watch: Best Choice
Pacific Cod
USA - Alaska - Gulf of Alaska
Seafood Watch: Best Choice
Pacific Cod
USA - Alaska - Gulf of Alaska
Bottom Trawls
Seafood Watch: Best Choice
Pacific Halibut
USA - Alaska (MSC)
Bottom Longline
Seafood Watch: Eco-Certification Recognized
Sea Scallops
USA - Atlantic
Seafood Watch: Unrated
Sockeye Salmon
USA - Alaska (MSC)
Drift Gillnets
Seafood Watch: Eco-Certification Recognized