Supplier Member Corner

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As a FishChoice Supplier Member, your company will be part of a seafood community of thousands of seafood professionals. By including your company on, you are demonstrating that you value the importance of environmentally responsible seafood production. This value will be communicated to your current clients and potential customers alongside hundreds of other like-minded businesses. 

Please refer to our New Supplier Welcome document to provide you a downloadable file for your reference and use. 



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Implementing Your Membership

When you become a member there are several options available to promote your association with a community of seafood suppliers with a dedicated interest in sustainable seafood:


Links and graphics are available for your website and can be included in your email communications. We have our own e-newsletter that reaches nearly 4,000 seafood professionals where we include all new supplier members, news from supplier members, and featured supplier stories.


We can help you with a press release about your new membership, highlight a testimonial from you in our media efforts, and/or circulate your news through our communication 

MARKETING & EVENTS can provide printed versions of your online sustainability information for your use at meetings and events. FishChoice attends industry trade shows and provides lists of supplier members to attendees, event signage for supplier members that are exhibiting, and can work with you to develop co-marketing materials.


FishChoice has a growing social media presence and we can share your profile, product information, and related news via Twitter and Facebook. You can also send us any job announcements that we will post on our Linkedin group.

Membership Guidelines

  • Supplier Membership on (having a profile, a list of seafood products, etc…) is voluntary and at any time a supplier or FishChoice can cancel this participation. FishChoice asks Supplier Members to provide us with 30-day written notice for requests to be removed from
  • Supplier Members are responsible for all information on their company and products. It is the supplier’s responsibility to verify all content is current and accurate. In the case of any misinformation, suppliers agree to hold FishChoice, Inc. harmless of any liability from inaccurate information.
  • Supplier Members understand that FishChoice is not: an ecolabel or seafood certification, an evaluation of seafood production or seafood rating, or an example of traceability, and must not use the FishChoice name or images to imply one or more of these scenarios.
  • Supplier Members must request at least two weeks in advance FishChoice approval of any use of the FishChoice logo or name for purposes outside use on a company website. FishChoice will provide details on how to use its name and logo for a company’s website.
  • Supplier Members are not allowed to use the name or images of any of FishChoice’s Sustainable Seafood Partners or Affiliates. Any use of these names or images requires that a company contact those organizations separately.
  • Supplier Members consent to FishChoice’s use of their name and logo in promoting our sustainable seafood platform and membership program.