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Wood's Fisheries, Inc.
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A five-generation family tradition that began in 1860, Wood’s Fisheries strives to provide their customers with only the best in wild American shrimp. They have grown their company on a passion for quality products, a commitment to consistency, and the ability to deliver a reliable supply stream. Wood’s Fisheries assures that every case of shrimp produced matches the integrity buyers demand.

Wood’s Fisheries believes that good product is only the beginning of a good business relationship. They have built strong relationships over the years through good communication, expert product knowledge, high quality standards, and a year-round sourcing of the best products available. They have been meeting customer’s needs for over 145 years, and will continue to do so.

Electronic and hand-kept logs are required to guarantee complete transparency and traceability, assuring customers when, where, and how their products were caught. Wood’s Fisheries only buys from boats that have a highly experienced crew and captains who can navigate the ocean floor for shrimp without any impact on the habitat. These captains are required to keep a log, which is verified by observers placed on the boat, of any environmental concerns they may come across, such as nets getting caught on a reef. Fishermen for Wood’s Fisheries implement BRD and TED technologies and limit their drag time in order to reduce risk of bycatch. Wood’s Fisheries is also involved in a Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Florida Shrimp Fishery Improvement Project to reduce bycatch and ensure compliance of BRD and TED devices.The company only partners with retailers that share the same concerns, pushing for the most sustainable product.

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Brown Rock Shrimp
(Sicyonia brevirostris)
Florida, USATrawl
Brown Shrimp
((Farfante) Penaeus aztecus)
Florida, USATrawl
Pink Shrimp (Gulf)
((Farfante/Lito) Penaeus duorarum)
Florida, USATrawl
Royal Red Shrimp
(Hymenopenaeus robustus, Pleoticus robustus)
Florida, USATrawl
White Shrimp
((Lito) Penaeus setiferus)
Florida, USATrawl
Whiteleg Shrimp
((Lito) Penaeus vannamei)
Florida, USAClosed/Contained