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Wild Woman Fish Co.
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Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Wild Woman Fish Co. is a distributor and wholesaler specializing in troll-caught salmon, halibut, and other wild-caught Alaskan seafood. Wild Woman Fish Co. is owned and operated by Lacie Richardson, a young female entrepreneur who spent many years traveling and working on commercial fishing boats throughout Alaska. After years fishing, Lacie decided to invest in the trolling industry herself and launched Wild Woman Fish Co. in 2014. 

Wild Woman Fish Co. is passionate about supplying their customers with the best and highest quality fish while being committed to sustainability. All of their fish are troll-caught – meaning they are caught one hook at a time. The team at Wild Woman Fish Co. uses no nets, ensuring that each fish is individually handled and processed. If by chance they catch a fish that is out of season or not their intended catch, the Wild Woman Fish Co. team takes the time to remove the fish from the hook and return it to the wild. Using troll gear takes time and results in fewer fish being caught, but that doesn’t bother the team at Wild Woman Fish Co. as they are committed to quality over quantity and in preserving the resource for future generations. 

After they are caught, all of Wild Woman Fish Co. fish are immediately cleaned, massaged, cryogenically frozen, and packed on ice. This process helps to preserve that just-caught taste allowing their fish to last up to year frozen without altering the sushi-grade taste. Once it is brought to shore, all Wild Woman Fish Co. fish are individually inspected for quality. If even a scale is missing from the fish, that product will go to a different market. All of their fish are immediately processed, packed in vacuum sealed packs, and shipped off for delivery the very next day. When you purchase your fish from Wild Woman Fish Co. you can be rest assured you know where it is coming from, who caught it, and how it was caught – all while supporting a humane, sustainable, wild-caught Alaskan fishery. 




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