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Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company
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Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company was started in 2000 by Tony Wood, a long-time guide to resorts, hunting and fishing locations in Southwest Alaska. Once he discovered the fabulous taste and health benefits of fresh, wild salmon from the crystal clear waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, he realized that he needed to share his discovery with other people. The company's methods of fishing are designed to only catch the sustainable resource salmon, other species of fish and other wildlife are not harmed or caught.

As the salmon are caught, the fish are delivered on ice to shore straight from the boat on a daily basis and are at once cleaned and hand-processed by their processing team. This is called a wet process. The salmon is then immediately flash frozen, meaning that the product is deep frozen very quickly after the catch and packaged in vacuum sealed bags to lock in all of the quality and freshness and is constantly kept at ideal temperature and conditions so we can deliver fresh salmon to you anytime of year. The company's salmon is delivered to customers' doors by national carriers either the next day or within two days of an order depending upon the location. From start to finish, the entire process is designed to ensure quality and freshness.

Unlike other expensive corporate fishing operations, Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company is privately owned and maintains its own fishing & processing crew. This allows the company to ensure the high-quality salmon and seafood available while delivering it straight to customers' door in half the time. Best of all, customers get the highest quality at much lower costs than the other guys.

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Overnight delivery available via FedEx, UPS. Air freight and truck delivery available as well.

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