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Started by Joel and Melissa Collier, West Coast Wild Scallops of British Columbia is able to provide its customers with whole, frozen in shell scallops. West Coast Wild Scallops sells pink and spiny scallops (commonly known as swimming scallops) together. 

The harvest of scallops in British Columbia began as an experimental fishery in 2001 and Joel’s aunt and uncle were a part of the fishery for over 15 years, working to develop environmentally sound fishing practices. In 2009, Fisheries and Oceans Canada began the Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) for the commercial harvest of scallops, which concluded with the issuance of licenses in 2016. Joel became involved in the IFMP process in 2015 and began fishing scallops commercially with his Uncle. Various controls measures are in place for the scallop fishery including size limits, biomass surveys, and routine biotoxin testing. 

West Coast Wild Scallops started fishing scallops commercially in 2017. The company's products are harvested using a butterfly trawl and the innovative design used, combined with the slow speed of the trawl runs, minimizes both the impact to the ocean floor and the capture of non-target species. As a proud Ocean Wise partner, West Coast Wild Scallops primarily uses wholesalers to sell its high-quality, sustainably-harvested swimming scallop products.

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Truck, air freight. Please contact West Coast Wild Scallops for more delivery and distribution options.

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Pink Scallops
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Spiny Scallops
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