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Established in 2003, Vital Choice was created by a commercial fisherman who wanted to bring healthy wild seafood directly to American homes and businesses and to raise awareness about the health benefits of eating seafood as well as the environmental and economic benefits of supporting sustainable fishing.Through industry connections, the company sources only from MSC-certified fisheries, Alaskan RFM-certified fisheries, or Best Choice/Good Alternative Seafood Watch rated fisheries.

Vital Choice specializes in sourcing sustainable wild salmon - all of its salmon products come from the one percent of sustainably harvested wild salmon that meet the company’s strict quality standards. The salmon it offers are typically hook and line caught or harvested by gillnet. The salmon is then chilled on ice and transported to plants, where they are transformed into canned or frozen products, including salmon samplers, salmon burgers, and even Omega-3 salmon oil (along with other fish supplements).

Not only is Vital Choice committed to sustainable seafood, it is also committed to contributing positively to local fisher-folk, their families, and their threatened coastal communities and environment. Vital Choice works with fishers to promote a sustainable social, ecological, and economic model for the harvesting and sale of wild salmon.

Vital Choice has also pioneered their own environmental stewardship program called Vital Green. With this program, the company has developed eco-friendly shipping containers (SeaSaver™ packaging) and has also developed a foam container recycling program called Cubecycle™. In addition, the company aims to fight global warming by offsetting the impacts of shipping. The Vital Green program also works to promote sustainable seafood and business practices and supports other businesses and organizations dedicated to sustainability.

Vital Choice is always improving upon its ideas, products, and customer service and is intent on continuing to provide only sustainable, high-quality and healthy seafood options to its customers.

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Direct to consumers and businesses in North America. Order from Please contact Vital Choice for more information on distribution and delivery options.

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Dungeness Crab
(Metacarcinus magister)
Washington, USAPot/Trap
European Anchovy
(Engraulis encrasicolus)
Bay of Biscay, SpainPurse Seine
European Sardine
(Sardina pilchardus)
PortugalPurse Seine
King Crab (Red)
(Paralithodes camtschaticus)
Alaska, USAPot/Trap
Kumamoto Oysters
(Crassostrea sikamea)
Washington, USAOff-Bottom Culture
Kumamoto Oysters
(Crassostrea sikamea)
British Columbia, CanadaOff-Bottom Culture
Manila Clams
(Venerupis philippinarum, Tapes phillippinarum)
British Columbia, CanadaOpen/Uncontained
Pacific Blue Mussels
(Mytilus trossulus)
British Columbia, CanadaCultured On-bottom, dredge-harvest
Pacific Cod
(Gadus macrocephalus)
Alaska, USABottom Longline
Pacific Cod
(Gadus macrocephalus)
Alaska, USAJig
Pacific Cod
(Gadus macrocephalus)
Alaska, USAPot/Trap
Pacific Halibut
(Hippoglossus stenolepis)
Alaska, USABottom Longline
Pacific Oysters
(Crassostrea gigas)
British Columbia, CanadaOff-Bottom Culture
Patagonian Scallops
(Zygochlamys patagonica)
ChileBottom Trawl
Petrale Sole
(Eopsetta jordani)
Bottom Trawl