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Tropic Star Seafood, Inc. was established in Lakeland, Florida in 1993. Kevin Coats, the owner, is a seafood expert with over 35 years experience importing and selling seafood. The business originally started out as an importer and distribution center for fresh seafood from Central and South America. Over the past 20 years, Tropic Star Seafood has grown its facility, brought in North American supplies, enabled processing (including filleting, gutting, deboning, skinning and packing) and boosted its refrigerated truck fleet to increase distribution range from Florida to the Midwest. Today, the company is one of Florida's largest seafood-only specialty distributors and the state’s leader in wild Florida tilapia processing.

The company deals with over 50 local artisanal fishermen who, on a daily basis, unload their catch of Florida wild-caught tilapia. In its state of the art facility, Tropic Star Seafood has made many additions to ensure a grade ‘A’ product. Aside from importing various other seafood items from around the world for food-service establishments and retail grocery chains customers, the company is also a proud vendor for the USA Military. Tropic Star Seafood is now open to the public and you can buy seafood directly from our online retail store.

Tropic Star Seafood, Inc. strives to provide a high-quality selection of seafood at a fair and reasonable price. The company aims to continue to give quality and service levels that its customers are accustomed to receiving while recognizing the importance of conservation and maintenance of a healthy environment.  Tropic Star Seafood is committed to ensuring all its seafood is properly caught, handled, processed, packaged and shipped to offer the optimal appearance and taste.

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