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Beginning with a partnership between four fishermen over 40 years ago, Trident Seafoods is now one of the largest vertically integrated seafood company in North America. The company specializes in providing high-quality wild Alaskan seafood products such as salmon, pollock, and cod and serves both US and global markets. Trident Seafoods recognizes that when the ocean prospers, the company prospers and therefore works towards sustaining a thriving and abundant ocean.


Trident Seafoods has its own fishing vessels, where fish are caught, prepared and frozen right on board. Because it processes and harvests its own fish, the company holds itself to a higher standard of accountability. Trident is constantly innovating ways to reduce the environmental footprint of its vessel and shore-based operations. The company maintains a fully traceable chain of custody on its seafood products in an effort to support transparency and product authenticity in seafood supply chains.


The company also partners with only the most experienced Alaskan fishing communities which respect the ocean and Trident is committed to the long-term health of each of these communities. Trident understands that the success of its business is dependent on the trust and confidence it earns from not only the fishermen it partners with, but with the company’s employees and customers and works to continuously foster these important relationships.


Stewardship of the ocean remains one of Trident’s core values. The company and its fishermen have been responsibly harvesting fish in Alaskan waters for decades. The company actively participates in regional and federal fisheries management processes for the US North Pacific and Bering Sea fisheries and supports research to keep these fisheries and communities healthy and thriving. Trident Seafoods also seeks relationships with businesses that are conscientious about current ocean issues and share the company’s common goal: to ensure that fisheries and communities produce healthy seafood to the world, now and for the future.

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