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Tomales Bay Oyster Co.
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Established in 1909, Tomales Bay Oyster Company is California's oldest shellfish farm, producing Pacific oysters for direct retail sale and local distribution. The company, along with Charles Friend Oyster Co, produces over 1 million Pacific oysters a year in Tomales Bay on two California Department of Fish and Wildlife leases. With 8 workers on the farm crew, Tomales Bay Oyster Co manages 218 acres and is committed to operating under the guidelines of new management practices to be a better steward of Tomales Bay and to make the farm operation more sustainable. 

Tomales Bay Oyster Company employs best management practices, using durable re-usable materials for farm infrastructure and recycling materials whenever possible. The company strives to be good stewards of the bay it farms in — staff participates in bay-wide cleanups to remove trash, household waste, and debris and regularly conduct area inspections to look for and retrieve lost gear. Shellfish the company farms require no fertilizer and no feed and Tomales Bay Oyster Company is constantly looking to develop new farming methods that minimize the impact on the bay's environment.

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Direct retail and local delivery. Please contact Tomales Bay Oyster Co for additional information on delivery and distribution options.

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