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Taku River Reds
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Taku River Reds is an Alaskan salmon fisher and wholesaler located in Juneau, Alaska. Founded by Michigan transplants Len (“Pete”) and Sheila Peterson, Pete spent several summers in the 1970’s working on salmon fishing boats in Southeast Alaska before the couple decided to purchase their own boat in 1981. After fishing and selling their catch to large processors for years, Pete and Sheila decided that they wanted to process and distribute their catch directly to consumers and businesses. With the help of their daughter Heather and her husband Kirk, in 2003 they began to ship their premium wild Alaskan salmon to customers around the country.

Since 2003, Taku River Reds small salmon operation has grown, including the addition of new company partners, and expanding their offerings to include pressure-bled salmon from other local Alaskan fisherman as the demand for salmon has grown. Committed to conservation, Taku River Reds fishes for their salmon using a drift salmon gillnet; a mesh net with openings that are just large enough for a salmon’s head to fit in, causing their gills to get stuck. The nets are specially designed to only target and capture salmon, meaning that there’s practically zero bycatch, ensuring that there will be a steady fish populations in the Taku River for years to come.

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Delivery available in the US via Alaskan Airlines or FedEx

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