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Superior Fresh LLC
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Superior Fresh LLC is a fish farm and processing operation located in Hixton, Wisconsin. Focusing on commercial coldwater aquaponics, Superior Fresh LLC raises rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in conjunction with a hydroponic greenhouse. The nutrient rich water from the fish facility is sent to a large greenhouse where they grow varieties of leafy greens. Advanced ozone treatment ensures irrigation water is pure and improves nutrient recycling, and little staff turnover minimizes errors that may compromise food safety. They have assembled a multi-faceted team with a mindset around sustainability and efficiency, strongly believing in providing the freshest, most environmentally sound food products to local communities.

The facility, located on a 720-acre natural restoration property in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin, shares Superior Fresh LLC's common interest of preserving the natural environment. This flagship facility is the largest of its kind in the world, providing the freshest and healthiest products year-round, while simultaneously practicing water conservation and zero-discharge techniques. Any water or solid discharge from production in the aquaculture or hydroponic systems is used in irrigation or composted onsite. Fish from Superior Fresh LLC are raised without any added antibiotics or hormones, and reach the store within 48 hours of being harvested.

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Distributor pickup and delivery. Please contact Superior Fresh LLC for any other delivery and distribution inquiries.

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Atlantic Salmon
(Salmo salar)
Wisconsin, USARAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System
Rainbow Trout
(Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Wisconsin, USARAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System