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Based in Homer, Alaska, Smart Source Seafood offers wild-caught Alaskan salmon straight to your doorstep. Owned and operated by Maddie and Mike O’Laire, Smart Source Seafood began as an email offering to O’Laire family and friends. They have since grown into a prospering business with a mission to provide their customers with healthy, delicious meals based around their favorite food – wild Alaskan salmon.

Smart Source Seafood offers an assortment of salmon products throughout the year – all caught by Mike and the crew of the F/V Dr. Jack, a 32-foot gillnetter based in Bristol Bay. Caught in the crisp, pristine waters off the Alaskan coast, the quality of Smart Source Seafood’s salmon can’t be found in grocery stores. Their salmon are processed, filleted, vacuum-packed, and blast frozen within hours of being caught. This locks in that “just caught” taste for their customers to enjoy year-round. Once you try their wild-caught salmon you will see that the quality speaks for itself. 

Smart Source Seafood also has a variety of convenient purchasing options to ensure their customers are meeting all their salmon needs. Among their purchasing options include their monthly salmon share program where customers receive monthly shipments of six to eight ounce portions in five to ten pound boxes. They also provide a bulk, “Fill Your Freezer” option to accommodate larger orders that ships all at once. In addition to their monthly salmon share program and “Fill Your Freezer” options, Smart Source Seafood offers hot smoked sockeye as well as a sockeye sampler. Their salmon is available year-round, while supplies last, and can be pre-ordered before the start of the fishing season each year.

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