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Sixty South™ is the brand of Nova Austral, a salmon farm and processor located in Tierra del Fuego, at the southernmost end of South America, and owned by the private equity companies Altor Fund III and Bain Capital. Nova Austral’s goal is to produce high-quality, sustainable salmon and their unique location allows them to do so. Sixty South™ is the only salmon product currently being raised in the pristine and icy cold waters of the Antarctic.

Nova Austral has a commitment to farming salmon on nature’s terms – following responsible and sustainable principles as nature intended. The salmon are raised without antibiotics, in a low-density farming area, with no exposure to copper or harmful chemicals, and with feed conversion ratios under 1-to-1 which reduces the impact they have on wild fisheries.

The company is not only committed to sustainability but is also committed to investing in their local community as evidenced by its pledge of $600,000 towards community programs. Nova Austral has collaborated with local authorities to develop a CSR program which supports education, sports, social care, and community action projects. It leads a housing construction program for the inhabitants of the local town. The company also works to employ locally and provides technical training for its employees. 

Since Nova Austral’s farms are located inside a national park, their employees meticulously care for the salmon, the local wildlife, and the environment, and spend up to 12 hours on voyages to and from the farms, and working 12-day shifts in remote locations.

With their product ending up in locations all around the world, Nova Austral strives to continue providing high-quality salmon like Sixty South™ on a global scale and aims to further its history of community development and sustainable salmon farming well into the future.

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