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Shucks Maine Lobster is wild-caught off the coast in the cold, pristine Atlantic Ocean. Small fishing communities can be found all along the rocky Maine coast, and these villages have depended on the sea for their livelihood for generations. Even on harsh winter days, dozens of lobstermen wake up, row out to their own lobster boats moored snugly in the harbor, and head out to the open Atlantic with nothing but a sternman, a few traps, and a bucket of bait to make their living. At Shucks Maine Lobster, they honor their lobstermen for keeping the tradition of Maine heritage alive, and Shucks celebrates this romantic and intriguing beginning to the Maine Lobster experience.

Seven years ago, when Shucks Maine Lobster was started, they promised to “revolutionize the way the world eats Maine Lobster…one bite at time”. MSC Certification is a major victory in that battle. With MSC Certification of our Maine Lobster fishery, they celebrate the hard-working Maine Lobstermen, not just of today, but for generations past and to come, who have voluntarily and unselfishly dedicated themselves to responsible fishing practices that continue to keep the resource sustainable…and at record levels.

MSC Certification verifies that Shucks lobsters are “Maine Lobster”; their resource, is now certified under the strictest sustainable seafood standards in the world to be a “sustainable” fishery that can be trusted and traceable by the most stringent “Chain of Custody” system in the world.

Today, 80% of seafood consumers expect their seafood to come from a “sustainable” resource. Consumers have vowed “to do no harm” to the ecosystem when they make those purchases.

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Pick up available at Shucks Maine Lobster Richmond location. Common carrier delivery available in the United States, customer must arrange own truck service.

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