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Sealord is the largest integrated seafood company in the southern hemisphere, catching, processing, and marketing fresh and frozen seafood products. Their corporate origins date back to the early 1960s when engineer John Dalhoff established non-trading company Wonder Foods, later renamed Sealord. Established in 1961, today the company is half owned by the native Maori people of New Zealand and half owned by Nissui, a Japanese-based company. Sealord is one of New Zealand's top 60 companies in terms of revenue, has assets of NZ$775 million, and employs some 1100 people globally.

New Zealand also has one of the most extensive quota-based fisheries management systems in the world, with over 100 species managed within this framework. Sealord’s global catch is approximately 160,000 tonnes, including approximately 130,000 tonnes of individual transferable quota in New Zealand. They export around 90% of their product to more than 60 countries, but are renowned for their high-quality, delicious frozen crumbed hoki, as well as smoked and canned products. Their website offers recipes and tips on how to achieve the same flavorful dishes.

New Zealand's seafood industry invests more than $20 million every year into research to evaluate how to best sustainably harvest seafood, and minimize the impact on the environment. As one of New Zealand's largest deep sea quota owners, Sealord contributes up to NZ $8 million annual towards research and development of sustainable fishing programs and technologies for not only fish, but also seabirds and other marine animals. Their tiaki fishing method, which replaces the traditional trawl nets with Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) technology lands fish of the appropriate size and age alive and unharmed, and reduces the amount of bycatch risk. Sealord is committed to providing clear and scientifically sound information for consumers and stakeholders. They only source from well-managed fisheries, or those who have implemented FIPs. All of the seafood sold at Sealord is 100% traceable from boat to plate.

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Airfreight and/or containers from overseas, then truck to final customer. Two warehouses located in the USA: LAX and NJ. Also use importers in LA to sell products. Please contact Sealord for any other delivery or distribution inquireies. 

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