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Owned and operated by Kirk Lombard, Sea Forager Seafood is a community supported fishery (CSF) offering packages of delicious, local and sustainable Californian finfish and shellfish in the San Francisco Bay Area every week. These packages of fresh seafood can be picked up at a designated location or can be delivered right to members’ homes. Sea Foragers members get the story behind the fish and what makes it sustainable in each package they receive - the packages include in-depth information on every species included, how and where they were caught, and why it matters. Sea Forager Seafood believes sustainability begins with traceability, so members will always know who caught their fish and how.

Being a member of this CSF means supporting small-scale fishermen using ethical fishing practices. Sea Forager Seafood understands that sustainability demands collaboration with local fishermen and respecting the whims of the ocean - the swell might be too big one day, or quotas are reached, or fish just aren’t biting. If this is the case, the CSF will wait to deliver fresh packages until fishermen are able to harvest sustainable options. In the meantime, the CSF can provide cured, smoked, and pickled products.

CSF members also receive recipes, prep tips, invitations to fun events, and tour discounts. Sea Forager hosts a variety of seafood events meant to connect consumers with the sea, events such as a monthly fish party, where people are encouraged to get out of the kitchen and meet the fishermen, sample seasonal seafood, and learn more about their fish. Kirk Lombard also offers fish-centric walking tours through Sea Forager. Lombard will take tours throughout the San Francisco Bay Area during which he talks about local seafood: discussing topics including rules and regulations, sustainability, and history of the fisheries. Tours provide learning opportunities such as how to pole for monkeyface eels, how to catch rock crabs, and how to throw cast nets.

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Pick-up available in the San Francisco Bay area. Delivery available via Sea Forager, Inc. within the San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and the South Bay.

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Albacore Tuna
(Thunnus alalunga)
California, USATroll
Black Rockfish
(Sebastes melanops)
California, USAHook & Line
Blue Mussels
(Mytilus edulis)
California, USAOff-Bottom Culture
Butter Clams
(Saxidomas giganteus)
Oregon, USA
California Flounder
(Paralichthys californicus)
CA - Central, USATrolling Lines
California Flounder
(Paralichthys californicus)
CA - Southern, USATrolling Lines
California Market Squid
(Loligo opalescens, Doryteuthis opalescens)
California, USAPurse Seine
Chinook Salmon
(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
CA-Humbug Mt to Horse Mt, USATroll
Dungeness Crab
(Metacarcinus magister)
California, USAPot/Trap
(Ophiodon elongatus)
California, USAHook & Line
Manila Clams
(Venerupis philippinarum, Tapes phillippinarum)
California, USAOpen/Uncontained
Night Smelt
(Spirinchus starksi)
California, USADipnet
Pacific Cod
(Gadus macrocephalus)
California, USAJig
Pacific Halibut
(Hippoglossus stenolepis)
Alaska, USABottom Longline
Pacific Herring
(Clupea pallasii)
California, USAPurse Seine