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Sailor's Seafoods is a family owned and operated aquaculture farm located on Lasqueti Island in British Columbia, Canada. For over 50 years Sailor's Seafoods has been producing delicious shellfish under their Honey Mussel brand name, working in harmony with the tumultuous waters off Lasqueti to ensure their resulting seafood is supremely clean and incredibly flavorful.

Working in partnership with Innovative Aquaculture Products, Sailor's Seafoods developed Honey Mussels™ through a selective breeding process. Honey Mussels™ start life in a hatchery where broodstock are carefully selected from adult mussels on each of their farms with care, thus ensuring quality and continuity within the next generation. The seed is cultivated under controlled conditions prior to being distributed to production farms. Taking an average of 18 months to grow to maturity and ideal market size, Honey Mussels™ are cultured on ropes suspended in a water column to provide the individual mussels access to microscopic algae - their food source. The water they are grown in is monitored for quality to ensure no toxins are present. This type of culture provides the mussels with the very best growing conditions that result in sweet, plump, clean, mussels. The rapid growth achieved through equal access to food translates into uniformity of size and tender sweet taste. The resulting Honey Mussel™ has a unique, sweet, fresh taste and a texture satisfying to the palate as they thrive on a constant flow of tidal nutrients, developing into plump, luscious, mussels.

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