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Ruleau Brothers, Inc.
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The Ruleau Brothers have been fishing on the Bay of Green Bay waters since 1850. The Ruleau family settled in “Door County,” WI to begin commercial fishing, and building and operating the first lighthouse on Chambers Island. A lot has changed over the years, and Ruleau has adapted to survive. As things stand now, the fishery is behaving differently due to invasive species, clearer water, and cladophora-coated nets. Owner Bob Ruleau’s adaptive perspective is important to the family’s success. He developed a mid-water net mechanism that allows him to catch whitefish by capitalizing on their lateral line, herding them to the center. The gear is always on board, and unaffected by the same slime that affects trap nets. The family also runs freezer plant and a trap net operation, trying to make the necessary adaptations to sustain their fishery.

By supporting the small family-owned commercial fishery, through direct purchasing online or at the farmer's market, or through CSF shares, consumers can secure the future of Great Lakes fishing. Because the family operates a small-scale fishery, Ruleau Brothers, Inc. can ensure full traceability and the freshest products. The creation of their brand “Door County Whitefish” directly links buyers with the fishermen who have caught their seafood, as well as connecting the family’s customers to the rich history of Ruleau Brothers, Inc. The company enjoys being different, and believes that consumers can’t find anything any more different than being a fisherman these days. It is very rewarding.

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