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Riverence is a land-based, “ocean relief” producer of premium salmon and trout eggs, and gourmet trout fillets from the U.S.A. Its sustainable farms were started in an effort to decrease the pressure on wild salmon and trout while providing farmers and consumers with the high-quality products. The elite pedigree eggs have been produced at the company's Washington site since the late 1960s, where its premium broodstock is still nurtured today.

As a vertically integrated company, Riverence maintains complete control of its production chain from brood to harvest. Eggs are produced in Washington State in state-of-the-art RAS facilities. Riverence then grows its gourmet trout to market size in Idaho, in pure Rocky Mountain spring water. By producing its own premium eggs, managing its own farms, and processing its own fish, Riverence is able to deliver high-quality, fully traceable fish 365 days a year.

Riverence aims to meet or exceed the industry’s highest standards of excellence in every way. The company uses no growth hormones or preventative antibiotics and never genetically engineers any products. And because Riverence is land-based, there are no microplastics, no escapes, no bycatch, low contaminants (PCB’s), and a small environmental footprint — one that the company works on shrinking every day. Riverence's fish are high in Omega-3's, with nearly undetectable mercury levels. The fish are fed an Astaxanthin-rich diet, which makes them healthier, and better for consumers.

As an action-oriented brand, Riverence partners with universities, NGOs, and progress-driven organizations to improve consumer education and responsible farming standards.

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